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5R Studio is Auckland based full-service residential interior design studio providing home styling, decorating and renovation solutions to homeowners and property investors.

We pride ourselves in implementing and utilising the sustainable 5R philosophy of modern design by trying to Reduce negative impacts on the environment, health, and well-being of our clients without compromising the end result.


Wherever possible we endeavour to Reuse and Repurpose sentimental and timeless pieces. Using our imagination we borrow from other design styles, "mix & match" the existing decor that represents the emotional value for clients.  


Being able to Re-imagine and Redesign existing layouts and the furniture we create functional, comfortable, and elegant spaces.

Incorporating the 5R principles in our work allows us to create spaces that not only evoke emotions, reflecting our client's taste and style of living but also provide cost-effective solutions.


The variety of our styles is diverse, from Traditional through Contemporary, to Modern Eclectic.




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 "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". 

                                                                                                            William Morris


Good design takes thought and care to create spaces that enhance living, that’s what we call luxury”

                                              Tristan Francis



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  • Consultancy

  • Concept Development

  • Moodboards

  • Spatial Planning

  • De-Cluttering

  • Staging for Sale

  • Styling for Events

  • Art Consultation

  • Soft Furnishing

  • Windows Treatments

  • Upholstery

  • Lighting

  • Collectables

  • Statement Pieces

  • Built-ins

  • Product Sourcing & Procuring

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Concept Development

  • Colour Scheme

  • Wall & Floor Treatment

  • Fixtures, Finishes & Trims

  • Cabinetry Built-ins

  • Trade Sourcing & Procuring

  • Project Management

  • Budget Administration

Interior Designer Beata Kelly


Interior Designer Margo

Margo’s passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces has been evolving over the years through many renovation projects. Upon the completion of her diploma in Interior Design, she decided to share her knowledge and practical experience to help others.


“I often see people who have some great ideas but are not sure how to create a cohesive look and feel. I feel privileged when I can inspire and transform a space into a place someone will love without imposing my own style.”

Margo possesses an excellent combination of skills as an interior designer and a project manager. She is creative and resourceful. Having worked with property developers, she knows how to navigate the client’s budgetary requirements.

​​“Every project is unique and needs to be carefully researched. Getting help early not only saves time and money but takes the pressure off the client.”


​Drawing inspiration from living in different countries and her extensive travels, she is fascinated by cultural differences in aesthetics.


Sometimes clients struggle with pieces of furniture or artwork that have an emotional or cultural value to them but do not fit easily into the style of the house and its décor. This is the moment when an interior decorator can really add value to a design project and help the owner’s vision shine.”

​This is why the 5R principles resonate with Margo’s values. Less is more and new is not necessarily better.

Beata started her interior design adventure twelve years ago.  She believes in evolution and not a revolution of the good design, which brought her to the   5R philosophy. 

“Knowing we saved many pieces of home décor going to landfill is a huge satisfaction in my work.”

Beata’s designs not only deliver beautifully furnished homes, but homes that bring peace and relaxation. Homes that allow for a daily reboot and improve overall health and wellbeing. 

“I want to show my clients how to balance a perfect, beautiful, and functional design with environmental responsibility. I want them to be part of the process, to create the home they will love and feel proud of.”

Beata’s signature designs reflect the essence of the owner, amplified by her expertise and ability to edit and curate all styles of design. Her work delivers functions specific to the client’s budget and needs. Beata has a vast network of resources and collaborates with crafts people, artisans, time-tested contractors and installers, art galleries, antique dealers and furniture suppliers.

She places equal importance to design as well as to the outstanding customer service. Her past experience in the corporate world allows her to excel in project management which is not a small task in the modern world of design. 

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Beata Kelly    +64 21 0202 3631

Margo Pytka  +64 21 2044 822

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